The punk movement is well known by some of its flesh and music icons but has never been particularly associated with design, with the line of thinking of transmitting the message, and not only information. But nothing is less true, perhaps it has never been tempted beyond the provocative message: the aim is merely to bring the viewer to a state of denial, of passive rebellion, nihilist and destructive, or better, to mental disobedience.

The series of quotes represented here are classic punk references, straight edge, in its original state and not overused, and are still today part of current affairs: they are anti-religion, -economy, -product consuming, of drugs and sex; they promote pro-mutual respect, personal growth,… Design should not be used to dispose of parts of your mind to leading brands and their products. Design could and can still lead to thinking, beyond passivity, it can help it rise.

The current trend is, unfortunately, linked/ dedicated to minimalist design, producing no other content but, the strength of the image itself, for itself or for the product it holds within.

This punk quotes series represents a response to this minimal trend, pure, devoid of depth, meaning, altruistic or humanistic scope.

Unlike less inspired designers, seeking to sell their minimalist sets only for what they are and for what they sell, perpetuating the mediocre creation of these “small shrines of desire” linked deep in our brain, this series, in the spirit of the punk movement, will try to take you, graphically, by the line associated with the idea, beyond the passive state so dear to the globalization organized by the masses. This set of graphics tests, this laboratory of design, can be downloaded in high resolution so that those who wish to can print them out themselves, the “do it yourself” being, also, a pillar of the straight edge movement.

Graphic design
Initial series of 13 posters available for free